What’s Normal Anyway?

No really. When it comes to life, what’s normal anyway?

It’s different for everyone, right?

Getting a diagnosis like Down Syndrome initially seemed like the “normal” life we have had for years was over. But it’s not. At the time of this posting, it’s just changed to a new normal and in many ways — maybe life is just beginning. And pretty soon, we probably won’t even notice that it was ever any different.

We made plans, and thought we knew what “normal” was supposed to be like. But, we believe God is Sovereign and believe His plans are good. Maybe “normal” is a smoke screen. Maybe nothing is normal. It’s hard to define normal, at least when it comes to life and how we think it should look like.

No matter what your “normal” looks like, we hope to encourage other families with our journey, and also show others how “normal” (and beautiful) differences can be.

READ OUR FIRST EVER POST to learn more about our “new normal.”

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