Happy Birthday to Our Little Tornado!

4 years?!


Where has it gone?

4 years ago, I was staring at your tiny face, with your crescent eyes, and you were no longer a Down syndrome diagnosis – you were Gracie, our perfectly created daughter and God’s Plan A for our lives.


4 years of learning that this journey we on – our new normal, is actually that! Normal. Yes, there are therapies and IEPs and working so hard on things that come very easy for other children, but the hugs, love for sweets, bedtime routines, and playing with siblings are all the types of normal I once wondered if  they would be taken away.


Isn’t that silly?

You are the greatest gift, Gracie bug. We love and adore you and I can think of nothing I love more than to celebrate you.


Happy birthday, our sweet doll!

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3 comments on “Happy Birthday to Our Little Tornado!
  1. Cameron Hunt says:

    Happy Birthday, Gracie!

    • Jackie Culpepper says:

      🎉Happy Birthday, Gracie!🎉 Gracie’s huge personality is seen in every picture! She is most certainly your joy! Love to all of you.

  2. Ginger Masingill says:

    Gracie is absolutely beautiful JOY!!!
    Happy Birthday to you, Gracie!! You bring much love and many smiles to this world!!❤️❤️

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