Buddy Walk and How You Can Help!


We had do much fun at the Buddy Walk this past weekend. If you aren’t familiar, it is a walk benefitting Down syndrome. Hundreds of families and friends gathered at a park in Birmingham to hang out, eat, and celebrate how amazing Down syndrome is. They have walks like this across the country.

It’s always amazing to me to be at an event like this because it shows you how big our world of Down syndrome actually is. I love it!

You may have seen this precious little doll before, but let me introduce you to Wren. Wren is Gracie’s bestie. Wren’s mom and I have high hopes and big plans for these two girls. They are going to change the world. img_5426

Wren has two sisters, Willow and Pippa, and she also has a brother, Fox, who is currently waiting in China for his mom and dad to come get him! He also rocks that amazing extra chromosome like Gracie and Wren. img_9152Isn’t he amazing? He’s undergone open heart surgery across the world from his parents and we are so ready for him to be home.

They are hoping to travel in the next few weeks to go get him and we could not be more excited. As I’m sure you know, adoption is expensive. They have been working hard to raise the $35,000 it takes to bring Fox home.

I am a firm believer that even though God is not calling Les and I to adopt right now, He is calling us to support those that adopt.

I’ve been sharing with the world since Gracie was born that she, Wren, Fox, and others with Down syndrome are MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT. Can you think of a better message to spread? Nowadays, it seems that message expands past special needs. No matter your skin color, religion, gender, job, whatever… we are MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT.


We had these shirts designed for our Buddy Walk and I am so excited to be able to offer them for sale for the next two weeks! img_5433

And here’s the best thing – ALL the money we raise is going to go to the Glasgow family so they can be ready to get on that plane when they get the call!

We are offering these shirts in short sleeve and long sleeve, in adult, youth, and toddler sizes. Help us spread the message that we are all MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT and when you do, you are helping a family bring their son home. That’s a WIN WIN!


Orders will be taken until October 21st, and shipped within two weeks of the closing date.

Click here to order!

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3 comments on “Buddy Walk and How You Can Help!
  1. Ashleigh knight says:

    So awesome how you are helping the Glasgow family! I will be praying for Fox and the Glasgows as well as your fundraising efforts. Looking forward to more posts where I hear how The Lord continues to use you and your family for His glory. May God bless you all.

  2. JENNA says:

    I haven’t checked this blog since my daughter (3:21) was a few months old. We were talking about heart surgery then, and the pictures you posted of Grace’s recovery helped me visualize a positive outcome. I was surfing my old Pinterest boards and came across the link to your blog again tonight. The picture of Grace took my breath away. She is completely gorgeous and I can tell you’re doing an awesome job helping her. My daughter will turn 3 in June, so we are looking at preschool and whatnot. I guess I hope we can be email buddies? Lol sorry if that’s wacky. I’ll check back sooner than every other year. God bless you!

  3. Wondering if you have any tips on potty training? No preschool Monday through Wednesday so I am planning to tackle it soon!

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