Navigating Our Normal

I hate that it has been so long since my last update. I just set a reminder on my phone to update more often because I want to have a virtual scrapbook of our lives and of our normal. I also want to always be able to look back and see how far Gracie has come, and document some of the things we are doing with her in therapies, because I know how much I searched the Internet looking for information and stories of others when I was pregnant with Gracie. How could you not look at her learning to walk, or sing, or dance, and not think, “wow. Maybe this will be great”?

We had a fun summer. We got to visit some Generate camps (this is a branch of YM360 that Les started). Les and I flew to Dallas to see the first camp, and then we took the kids to Covenant College in Tennessee (where Les and I met and got engaged!), so they could see camp! We added on a visit to Ruby Falls, the Chattanooga aquarium, and went back to the spot Les proposed!



Don’t you love Gracie’s face? Clearly we are keeping her from lunch!


Gage had so much fun at camp. The summer staff was amazing with him – lots of high fives, hugs, and letting him be a part of camp. He cried on the way home because he didn’t want to leave. This video is so precious because on his first take with the megaphone, he was quiet, but this time was after we told him to be loud!

Gracie went to the eye doctor and we discovered that one of her eyes is focusing on things much faster than the other. Left untreated, her other eye could potentially start to turn in, so we were given the option of trying glasses, patching, or putting eye drops in her better eye to blur it so the weaker eye would be forced to work harder. As he was telling me the options, Gracie ripped out her bow and threw it at him, so we both agreed that keeping glasses or a patch on would probably not be a good option! The drops have not seemed to bother her at all, so we are very happy and hoping for a good report in December to check her progress. img_7784

We have also made some changes with her therapy. We have loved our time at The Bell Center for the last 2.5 years. They have helped us navigate our new normal so well! We decided that putting Gracie in a Mother’s Day Out program would be really great for where she is in her development right now, and we could not make both programs work, so Gracie is now attending a MDO program two days a week, and then we are getting private therapy at a new place to help supplement two days a week. We are so grateful though, that The Bell Center exists and provides so much help for us and other families.


Gage started Kindergarten this year. I can’t believe it. img_8465He was so excited about starting! He will tell you he was most excited about his new pencil box!

Last week, Gracie attended her first day of Mother’s Day out! She is in a program at a local church, and so far, we could not be happier. She is able to be with typical peers her age for a few hours, two days a week. Our hope is that Gracie will grow even more as she is surrounded by these peer models. She has done great eating at a table with friends independently, playing outside, doing crafts…it’s just a lot that makes my heart swell. Both mornings she has walked in and not given me a second look! I would much rather have that than tears!


These are exciting times. I can’t wait to see how my babies grow and learn over this next year.

Now…bring on football season!


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One comment on “Navigating Our Normal
  1. Rhonda Post says:

    God has really blessed ya’ll. Two children that are so loving to one another.

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