Here’s the Truth…

I have shared with many, and even wrote about it throughout blog posts on here, that although it was really hard for me to find out about Gracie’s diagnosis so early in my pregnancy, I am so grateful that it happened that way.


I did lots of questioning and had a lot of hurt and anger as I wrestled with what our new normal was going to look like. It’s embarrassing now, but that’s the truth – and that’s why I am so glad I found out early. I am so blessed to be able to meet a mom with a new diagnosis and say, “however you are feeling right now is OK, but I promise, it is going to be amazing.”


Because, here’s the truth…

It. Is. Amazing.

How it has changed me, Les, Gage, our family, and friends are serious, life-changing, monumental changes. The respect and value that has blossomed in me for others is overwhelming sometimes. I think before Gracie, I had a bit of a blind eye and was just naive to a lot of the world. I am so glad I am not that naive, nonchalant person anymore.

The things that stir my heart and am passionate about are completely different. Inclusiveness, saving the lives of the unborn, spreading the word that all life is precious, that those with disabilities are more alike others than they are different, and that God’s plan is perfect, are all things that weren’t on my radar to this extent before Gracie.

Man, I am so grateful I have those fires inside of me now.


Here’s the truth… The way that I am seeing the beauty of God’s perfect plan for Gage being Gracie’s older brother brings me to tears on a regular basis.


Here’s the truth… We all wake her up together on most days and try to be the first one to hold her and snuggle her. (Gage won this past weekend).


Here’s the truth… Gage is leaps and bounds more compassionate, patient, and thoughtful than I could ever imagine was possible for a 5-year-old.

Here’s the truth… Because of Gracie, I have been able to talk to several people who receive a prenatal diagnosis that are scared, contemplating options, and questioning God, and have been able to share about our new normal and how blessed we are.


Here’s the truth… her love and excitement over sweets creates some of the most joyful moments we have as a family and she makes us laugh more than anyone ever could.


Here’s the truth… she has the best smile and laugh and brings out the best in all of us. We will do anything to see her (and Gage too!) have fun (even if that means Les runs down every aisle of the grocery store to make them belly laugh).


Those truths about having a child with Down syndrome don’t sound too bad, do they? Sure, there are a few more medical concerns, some therapy appointments, some extra work at home to help her have every tool she needs to develop, but who cares? All that is leaps and bounds worth it if it means I get all the moments I listed above.



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5 comments on “Here’s the Truth…
  1. rhonda posey says:

    I just love your family. God is all over your life. Love & Prayers!

    • Ginger Masingill says:

      Love, love, love your beautifully honest thoughts and unconditional love for Gracie…just like you have for Gage!!! Like you have always said…”normal as we know it!!”
      Thank you!!!

  2. soho389 says:

    Love, love, love, and here’s the truth we are so blessed that God put Les and Moregan together so we could share in some of these great moments.

  3. Jo Robinson says:

    Gracie is so blessed to have a family like yours who love her and love God!

  4. cheryl bradford says:

    So thankful ya’ll are doing so well…love all the pictures.

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