Happy Tears

When you find yourself crying in an elevator, it seems like a good time to dust off the blog and give an update!


Gracie had her yearly cardio checkup and her heart looks PERFECT. The cardiologist doesn’t see why her repair would not last her entire life.

I took this video afterward and then stood in the elevator and cried, thinking of being in this same building when we first saw her on the ultrasound knowing she had Down syndrome, then hearing her heart defect may be fatal, then seeing it change over the weeks into something surgery could repair.

She was born, and we came to this building every week or so for weight checks and echocardiograms leading up to her repair. So much anxiety and prayers that our baby would gain the weight she needed and would make it through surgery.

And here she is. A week or so away from her two-year anniversary of heart surgery…WALKING out of her appointment. We are so grateful. Praise God.


The last month of so has been filled with pool days, baseball games, and Gracie perfecting how to walk!

Our neighborhood pool opened this past weekend and the kids had a blast playing in the pool. IMG_6853




Gage played his first season of baseball. Les pitched to the boys and it was so much fun! At the beginning of the season, Gage could not hit the ball at all and had no idea what was going on! It was so exciting to see how much he developed over the season. Gracie loved cheering him on (and also loved squirming to get out of my arms to practice walking! Thanks to my mom and dad for helping with her at the games so I could actually see Gage play!)


I love this picture because it is Gage batting, Les pitching, and my dad as 1st base coach!


I can’t wait to cheer for him in more things!

I have so much more I want to share about Gracie, our lives, and what we are learning, so I’ll do a better job of keeping the blog updated. I do so much on Instagram (@jme027), so sometimes it’s hard to remember not everyone sees that!

On a fun note, some of our stories were recently shared in two publications! Click below to read more!

B-Metro article

Alabama Family Trust



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5 comments on “Happy Tears
  1. Brooke mccollum says:

    Could she be cuter?

  2. Debbie Hampton says:

    So proud of Gracie and Gage and even more proud of you and Les for being Exceptional Parents!

  3. Ashleigh knight says:

    I got all teary reading your post. What a beautiful girl and a beautiful family! So awesome to hear how God is blessing you all.

  4. cheryl bradford says:

    Wonderful news and so proud of you and Les….I loved watching Gage play and was amazed how much he has learned his first season!!! Watching Gracie walk is just awesome….Go Gracie Go!!!

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