Oh Happy Day!

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.


I never knew there was such a day until a few weeks after Gracie was born.

But here it is, and I am so happy. It’s a great day to recognize Gracie and all of our new friends, and share with the world that Down syndrome is awesome, that Gracie and her friends are more alike you and I than they are different, and that Gracie and others who happen to have Down syndrome deserve to be treated with the same love and respect that you would treat anymore.


If you are reading this, you know all this. You probably love Gracie and have had your world opened a little and your heart softened to those with special needs.

So will you do me a favor on this awesome day? Reach out to others with Down syndrome if you see them. Give the parents a high five and tell them they are rocking their “normal,” and tell the kids or adults with Down syndrome, “Happy Down Syndrome Day!” and that they are awesome, and you are so glad God created them so perfectly. You would not believe the impact that has been made on my day when a complete stranger stops me to talk about Gracie.


Things won’t change unless we push for it. Society won’t see Gracie as worthy and amazing unless we all believe it and live it.

I’m so grateful to God that He has given us our Gracie, exactly as she is. Spreading the word that her life is precious is one of the most exciting and fulfilling callings I could have on my life.




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One comment on “Oh Happy Day!
  1. Ginger Masingill says:

    Happy Down Syndrome Day!! Love all of you!!💞 Thank you for sharing your joy and Gracie’s story!!

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