Run Run Run!

I am so excited! Some coworkers, friends, and I are running a relay marathon team to run for Gracie at the Mercedes Marathon on February 14th!

This is the picture I chose for the back of our shirts. Don’t you think if you are running behind me (or let’s face it…passing me), that this little face would make you smile?!


The Bell Center does fundraisers like this to raise operating capital so they don’t have to charge families a huge tuition to receive the amazing level of care and support they provide.

Did you know that if The Bell Center did NOT do fundraising as their main source of revenue, then our family and every family that receives their amazing therapy, care, and support, would pay at least 7 TIMES more in tuition?

We are only $494 away from being fully funded for the marathon. That is amazing! If you would like to support our team as we run in Gracie’s honor, please donate! Any amount is appreciated! $10, $20…whatever!

All donations go directly to The Bell Center, and you are directly helping our family and families like us, who are navigating their new normal. The help and support we have received from The Bell Center has been amazing.

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2 comments on “Run Run Run!
  1. Ashleigh says:

    So fun to be a part of this with you! The Bell Center has such an impact on so many lives.

  2. cbradford21 says:

    Let me know where donations should be mailed.

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