3 months

Yikes, blog world. It’s been almost 3 months since our last update. Let me take a moment to do a little updating and then we can move on to regular posts in the weeks and months to come.

We’ve had a vacation of a lifetime since I last posted.


Disney Fantasy ship

We went to Disney World for a day, and then boarded a Disney cruise for 7 nights of awesome. We ate yummy food, lots of ice cream, watched shows, played in the water, and had amazing family time without the distractions of phones, computers, planning dinners, cooking, cleaning, housework, and anything else that takes away from being fully present. Magical.

Gage LOVED every roller coaster. I thought he would be scared, but he screamed and laughed through each one. Disney World also has a program called “rider switch” where Les could take Gage on a ride and then get me a ticket so I could take him as soon as they got off. It was great that neither one of us missed out on the rides with him. Well, I missed out on Splash Mountain….but that was intentional.

Clearly, Les and Gage LOVED Splash Mountain. IMG_3137

This is our second Disney cruise and we always leave saying, “this is totally worth it. We will save and not go on little trips if it means we can go on another Disney cruise.”



Pirate night





Gage turned 5 on this cruise and we had so much fun celebrating his sweet life.



The kids even got to trick or treat on the boat!

I am glad they got to have a little Halloween fun on the boat because when we got home in time for Halloween, it was a bit of a bust. It rained all night. I took Gage to a few houses with an umbrella, but Gracie had an ear infection and so we didn’t even take her out.

Gage got a new belt in his karate class. He loves his karate class. Check out my crazy mom face in the back of this video – trying to mouth the words, and smiling ear to ear…and his daddy, sneaking to the front to get a good video…and Gracie, cheering all night after he did his exercises..it’s no secret that we love cheering for him.

We are talking about signing him up for some sports this spring. I can’t wait!

We sold poinsettias this year again to support The Bell Center, where Gracie gets early intervention 2 days a week. Thank you to everyone that ordered! We sold 50 poinsettias and had fun delivering them to our friends.


We just got back to work and school from a long Christmas break and it was amazing. Not a lot of schedules, lots of pajamas and movie time, baking, and gift giving. Christmas is so fun with kids!



We got to meet up with Gracie and Gage’s cousin at the Zoolight Safari one night. We love hanging out with them! We weren’t very impressed with the Zoolight Safari though!


Gracie was not interested in Santa Claus. At all. We had to go to our ENT one day and there happened to be a Santa in the lobby taking pictures with the patients and giving out toys. Of course I felt like I should take advantage of a Santa picture, even though we had an appointment to meet Santa a few days after that. Gracie was not impressed.


And she did not like the next Santa either. She had a death grip on Les and was not going to let go. Gage did not have one problem jumping up in his lap and telling him he wanted skittles and a pirate costume.



He was shocked Christmas morning when he got a riding toy for outside! He wore his pirate costume all day (and most days since then!), and rode his 4 wheeler. He looks like he is in a biker gang, doesn’t he?!IMG_3989


Gracie got a little kitchen for Christmas. I searched long and hard for one for her and I am very happy with what we found. Her therapist wants her to work on pretend play, so a kitchen seemed perfect. This kitchen is adjustable, so it is a great height for her to work on pretend play, as well as reaching, squatting, cruising, and a laundry list of other things we are working on. It can adjust to a taller kitchen as she grows, so even though it might not be the trendiest little kitchen out there, it’s perfect for us.


Are you telling me that this kitchen is all for me?!


One last little update. Gracie went in to have her tubes replaced the other day. One was clogged, and her ENT proactively will change the tubes every 1-2 years as she grows, because kids with Down syndrome have small ear canals, which can sometimes lead to more infections, or hearing loss. Her first set has done nicely and has kept the few ear infections she has gotten manageable.

photo 1(3)

What do you mean no food when I sign “eat” to every person that walks in this room?!

He came in after the procedure this week and said, “Well, I have some good, but weird news.” He proceeded to tell me that her eardrums had created holes a little larger than the tubes were making, so the tubes were not effective anymore and they did not need to replace them. He said they are grateful when this happens because they won’t have to keep putting the kids to sleep and replacing the tubes. He said in the future, when she starts diving in pools (which she will!), and swimming a lot, we may have to get her ear drums patched, but that would be down the road.

I have heard and read a few questionable things about this, but we will trust her doctor because he is amazing, and just keep a watch on her. The main thing I am always concerned about it is hearing loss, so we have an appointment with the audiologist coming up to make sure she is good. We could not get a good read on her a few weeks ago because of the clogged tube situation. I just want to make sure a hole in her ear drum isn’t causing any sort of hearing loss.

photo 2(4)

Chugging apple juice after surgery

I am so grateful that we see our ENT every 6 months, so we can always stay on top of this.

I have a letter to share that I wrote to the high-risk doctor we saw when Gracie was diagnosed. Honestly, he was horrible and had a very negative impact on me when we were going through all the ultrasounds for my pregnancy. I sent him a Christmas card! I’ll save that for my next post!

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2 comments on “3 months
  1. Jackie Culpepper says:

    Happy New Year to all of you! It looks like the Disney Cruise did not disappoint. So happy to read that your Christmas was special. I love every picture-Gage and Gracie are adorable! Can’t wait for your next blog entry. God bless.

  2. We just got home from Disney World a few days ago, and we want to take a Disney cruise at some point. What do you think are the perfect ages for kids’ first cruise? My boys are three and almost one now. They had a blast at Disney World, and I’m sure they’ll love a Disney cruise someday.

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