Sorry, friends. We’ve been a little MIA.

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Gracie bug has had her fair share of sickness in the last month, so we’ve been trying to balance that, some new therapy, and busy schedules! About a month ago, she got pretty sick. We were already concerned about some weight loss that had been happening since she turned a year old, and when she got sick, she started losing it more rapidly! Luckily we have stellar pediatrician that makes sure all the correct tests are run so we can rule out the scary stuff that is sometimes associated with kids with Down syndrome, and learned that sickness was something bacterial. We got some major antibiotics and were feeling better soon! Unfortunately, she got sick again this week. This time, it’s a virus, so we’ve been resting a lot!

photo 2Now as for the weight loss, The Bell Center has a nutritionist on board that we were able to meet with quickly. We have ruled out thyroid, diabetes, and heart as reasons for weight loss, so that just left us with her nutrition. We’ve made some changes and we are so grateful that in the two weeks, she has started making up some of those pounds she lost. I hope we are on the upswing and can start packing on some chunkiness! I also hope this current sickness does not affect her weight. We used to chant this before heart surgery, and I think we should bring it back: “Gain Gracie Gain!”

photo copySpeaking of heart, if you didn’t see on Facebook or Instagram we had a follow up with Gracie’s cardiologist, and her repair still looks perfect. We go back in a year! Praise the Lord! I’ll be honest, with her weight loss, I was a little nervous that it was her heart that was causing it, but we are so grateful that the repair continues to be amazing and we have no worries about her sweet heart!

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We have stayed around the same place developmentally as we were in the last post. Still trying to work on crawling, pulling up, etc. It’s a little hard to find things to motivate her to get moving – well, except for Cheerios! Gage loves helping with her “Cheerios crawl” as we call it. However, he seems to eat about 10 for her 1 each time, so I bet that’s why he loves it so much!

My new favorite thing Gracie does is the “shout hooray!” part of her favorite song. She’s the best.

We have a great neighborhood pool and have been able to take the kids the last few weekends. They both love it! Gage starts swim lessons next month, so I bet he will be a little fish by the end of the summer! Gracie loves her snacks in the shade with her fan blowing on her and her sippy cup near!

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We celebrated Father’s day this past weekend. I have an awesome dad that I’ve been able to call role model and friend my whole life, and I am so grateful that my babies have that too in my husband.

photoLes loves these kids fiercely. He runs his own business and works way more hours than anyone else I know – but he comes home, puts his stuff down, and engages with his kids as much as possible. Both kids go crazy when he walks inside. Our life is busy and overwhelming sometimes, but I know our kids will never doubt their daddy loves and cares for them in an amazing way. Happy Father’s Day, Les. The only better thing than having you as a husband, is our kids having you as a daddy!

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  1. Brooke McCollum says:

    Sweetheart is right!

  2. cbradford21 says:

    I love that Gracie is crawling and big brother is a part of it!!! So sweet:))

  3. chismael says:

    Hope Gracie feels better soon. Lots of prayers going your way!

  4. Ginger says:

    Go Gracie Go!! Gain Gracie Gain!!! I love her smile!!! 🙂 Prayers for all!!

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