Moving At Her Own Pace

We’ve been working so hard at therapy lately!

Drinking from our straw cup and learning to go from sitting to standing are some of our focuses.


IMG_9402We are still working really hard on crawling, getting to a sitting position, and feeding ourselves as well! When we aren’t working on these things, I am reading books, looking up exercises on the Internet…just trying to make sure I am doing whatever I can to make sure I am providing Gracie with every tool I can give her.

That sounds good and well, but honestly, it’s a bit hard for me to have a balance. Since Gracie develops slower than other kids, it’s easy to feel like it’s because I am not doing enough. I share this because I have spoken with so many moms that feel the same way, and it’s hard and sometimes can feel a little discouraging.

However, what I learn every day, is she just may not be ready – and that’s OK. Gracie is moving at her own pace and in this new normal that we live in, there is no room for comparing. Gracie is Gracie and one day she will crawl, walk, run, and communicate, and we will cheer her on each step of the way!

I had one of our favorite therapist remind me last week that I see Gracie every day, so it is going to be harder for me to see progress. She’s right. When I look back through photos, I do see changes!

Like when she learned to hold her bottle on her own (and gets quite comfortable doing it!)

IMG_9641Or when she recognized the snacks I was getting at the grocery store and when I put them in the cart she screamed as loud as she could because she is now expressing her opinion on what she likes and doesn’t like. She’s getting a little feisty…and I like it! Look at that face. She is daring me not to take those away from her!

IMG_9647She is starting to rock her sit ups!

And now, when music plays, she can’t help but dance or clap!

My most favorite change? When she holds her arms out to you so you’ll pick her up. She does it all the time now and I pick her up EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

IMG_9890So, even though these aren’t the most easily recognizable changes, like being mobile, she’s progressing, and she is doing great.

Easter was such a great time with family. We went to church, took naps, played baseball over at Nana and Papa’s and ate some great food! So grateful we celebrate this day.

IMG_9719 IMG_9734 IMG_9762 IMG_9739

That same weekend, we had a picnic at the local state park.


These kiddos of mine are still so loving to one another. Sweet Gage goes to visit Gracie in her room at school a few times a day (I think he was asking every 5 mins, but we told him to keep it to two visits a day!). He loves to tell me exactly what happened when he went in the room and how many times she smiled at him. He is constantly hugging her, kissing her, sharing his toys with her, brushing her hair out of her face so we can “see her pretty eyes.” These things never go unnoticed by me. I always see them and thank God that He knew what He was doing when He gave us Gage and then gave us Gracie. Their relationship is just…different.


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7 comments on “Moving At Her Own Pace
  1. Naomi Gillespie says:

    Awesome love the updates and congrats on Gracie’s progress love you guys!!

  2. Brooke says:

    This is one of my fav posts! Love you all!

  3. Jackie Culpepper says:

    Hey! It was great seeing your beautiful family at Ansley’s birthday party! Gage is growing up so quickly and becoming a big-little boy. And, finally, I got to see Miss Gracie! She is as beautiful as her pictures. I just wish I had had more time to talk and visit with ya’ll. I see you posted a picture of her at the party; I just LOVE those yellow shoes! I didn’t see you leave and didn’t get to say goodbye, but I would love to get together sometime when I come up to Adriane’s.

  4. Rhonda says:

    So amazing how God is working in your lives. I love reading your updates. Our great granddaughter never did really crawl…she would walk on her hands and feet….everyone is different. Love and prayers!

  5. I can sooooo relate to your post. I have so much mommy guilt when it comes to my daughter’s progress. Am I doing enough? Ugh. It’s all so emotionally draining. I am constantly reminding myself to trust God and his timing. He’s proven faithful. God bless you and your beautiful family!!!!

  6. KerryBradford says:

    You are a remarkable mother!! Love, love, love your post. God is using you in a powerful way for Gracie, other mothers and that special someone who needs to hear your positive comments as well as your love for the Lord!

  7. cbradford21 says:

    Jamie and Les, I dont see Gracie as often as you do but when you were here for Mothers Day, I see a huge change. Your hard work and loving guidance is working….she is amazing!!!

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