To the Person Who Stole My Life

I know you’re reading this.

After all, this blog is where you stole all my pictures, happy moments, fear for upcoming heart surgery, and the beautiful story of Gracie’s birth. You simply changed the names, some dates, and some of her birth story. You took your blog down, but it is still there, as well as your personal Facebook page, public page, and the multiple private conversations you had with people pretending to be me. Nothing on the Internet is ever really gone – don’t you know that?

Imagine my shock when I received a message from a complete stranger (who is now MY friend…so thanks for that!), telling me to call her because “someone has stolen your entire life.” Then, I got to the page she directs me to and see a picture of MY sweet Gracie with an announcement that she had died! Then I check your personal page and blog, and see ALL OF MY STUFF.

Shocking. Disheartening.

In addition to being violated, it was so upsetting to see hundreds of people mourning the death of a child. The announcement was shared to pages, and then shared to more pages. I’ll never understand this. Your pathetic reason is probably money, or perhaps you are so desperate for community that you lie to get it. Unfortunately for you, those things are no longer coming to fruition for you.

In a way, I guess I might even owe you a little thanks. Because of your nastiness, I have met hundreds of people. I have had conversation after conversation with amazing moms who want to support me and MY family and I now get to have friendships with them and see their beautiful children grow.

Not you. ME.

I also found out you told people that even though your precious “Piper Grace” had passed away, you had gotten approved for a Down syndrome adoption! Not only that, but it had to be a message from God because her name was “Grace” and when you sent along the picture (which was another picture of MY Gracie), you marveled at how similar they looked.


It’s so overwhelming how messed up this is. The idea that you would use MY family, who happens to have a precious baby girl with special needs, to prey on the prayers and support of other families is disgusting. It’s so vile that I can only imagine what else you have stolen from people and what your future plans were to use MY family.

You would think that this is such a violation that I would never blog again, right? You would be wrong. You see, I have met so many people through social media. I’ve talked to families who get a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, or have a surprise at birth, or maybe an upcoming heart surgery, and it is amazing to talk with them and encourage them as they walk down this amazing path. Through this blog, I hope MY Gracie’s life has encouraged others and made it known that God’s plan is perfect and Gracie is more alike than different and all life is precious.

All of this is too much good to be quit because of some gross evilness.

So, you don’t win. MY family will continue sharing stories and our hope and faith with others, and you will continue doing whatever it is you do. And even though you stole these good things of mine and tried to use it to be manipulative, I pray that God uses this circumstance for good – to spread the message that Gracie’s life is precious, that our family is better off with her, and that there is so much hope and joy in the life we live.

As much as I believe you don’t care, please know that your life does not have to continue like this. You are your own person with your own skills and you can turn from this and make other choices. God readily gives forgiveness and guidance to move from this evilness. You only have to ask Him.



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7 comments on “To the Person Who Stole My Life
  1. Stacey says:

    Beautiful response! I had no idea how far that fraud took things. I hope you and your family continue to find the good that came from this gross situation. Also, your right…the amazing parents, families, and organizations you learn from and befriend from social media really do overshadow the evil that sometimes creeps into our world! Love, your friend Stacey (Celebrating Sam)

  2. Cathy Gipson says:

    Bless your sweet heart, Jamie! As shocking as this must’ve been for you, you’ve certainly handled it with grace (no pun intended).

  3. Cindy Jones says:

    Wow, I had NO idea something like this had happened……..or COULD happen. I do hope the ” person” apologizes and changes their life. How heartbreaking for you all.

    I always love to read about your family and see the posts of your precious kids. Please don’t stop posting. You have a real ministry here and I feel GOD will use this for HIS glory.

    I don’t post everytime I read one of your entries, but I do read them and am always so blessed.
    May GOD continue to bless you, Les, Gage and Gracie. Cindy Jones

  4. Naomi Gillespie says:

    What an awesome reply i have been and will continue praying for not only you and your family but the person that did this as well, because God has will continue to bring good from this my friend love you,\. have a blessed and wonderful week,. You know some mothers would have given up but with God and your determination to help Gracie and others you have risen above the evil to overcome with good to continue to bless others. God Bless!!!

  5. Ashleigh knight says:

    Unbelievable. Praying for you all. Way to keep on blessing others by continuing to post!

  6. WOW someone actually stole your identity???? How on earth does someone do that kind of thing? The nerve of some people…..God bless you all and keep you…..

  7. cbradford21 says:

    It amazes me that someone could even think of doing this..I am proud of you and Les and the way this has been handled….

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