Running, Crawling, and Tiger the “Baby”

I would say the reason I haven’t updated in a few weeks is because things have been slow and boring, but that is absolutely WRONG.

We have had a really busy and fun last few weeks since Gracie turned one! First up, we attended the Bell Center’s Children Run during the Mercedes Marathon weekend!

photo 4(8)Gracie, along with the other kids that attend the Bell Center, got to run in different heats and get a medal when they crossed the finish line. I loved seeing all the other precious kids be carried like Gracie, or use their walkers or wheelchairs, or maybe even finally be able to walk or run! So inspiring. The Bell Center provides early intervention for a variety of special needs, so there are so many things to cheer for when you see these children. I can’t wait until next year. Hopefully we can get a team for Gracie together to run the marathon or 5K!

photo 3(8)

photo 5(4)

photo 1(14)We’ve been working a lot the last few weeks on drinking from a straw cup. Straw cups are recommended for any child for oral development, but especially for kids with Down syndrome because they already have lower muscle tone. We’ve started with fruit baby food purees in the cup and have gradually introduced milk. She loves the fruit and drinks it well, but the milk still comes out a little too fast. We work at it every day!

photo 2(11)

Gracie isn’t sure how she feels about drinking prunes!

photo 3(9)

Big brother wants to help her whenever he can!

I’ve also been working with Gracie on crawling. Gracie is perfectly content with just sitting or laying on her tummy or back. She cannot get to a sitting position on her own and doesn’t like to try and get from sitting to all fours. It’s a lot of work to try and find anything that motivates her to move!

I tried Kermit…

photo 2(12)

Clearly, she wasn’t a fan. I have rolling balls, a crawling Minnie Mouse, rattles, drums, keyboards…you name it, I’ve tried it! After all those things, look what gets her moving!

You know what else works? A paper towel. A PAPER TOWEL. Those two incentives are basically free. Amazing.

Even though she isn’t crawling, this little lady will find a way to roll and scoot under this chair and then smile at you like she has done the most hilarious thing. I laugh and tell her how funny she is every time.

photo 2(13)

A big change to our days that has happened is Gracie started school last week. My mom has kept her since last May, so that has been a huge blessing as we prepared for heart surgery and then through recovery and the winter months. She has done pretty well at the school so far! It’s a huge adjustment, but we think it will be great for Gracie to be around typical kids and hopefully model their development a little!

I captioned this picture from school with “Mom. Stop crying. Geez. Pick me up later. I’ll save my poop diaper for when you take me home. And stop by the store for more bows and hair bands, because I guarantee this one will be gone when you come back.”

photo 5(4)

For those of you in Alabama, hasn’t the weather been beautiful the last few weekends? We’ve been spending so much time outside playing and Gage has been able to practice his golf. Gracie and I headed out to the driving range in the stroller to watch him practice. photo 2(11)photo 1(13)We usually run into Nana and Papa if they are finishing up playing golf for the day.

photo 2(11)photo 3(8)Gage is pretty wise when it comes to sportsmanlike conduct when playing golf. He saw this on television a long time ago and still remembers! Sorry, Tiger, but this 4-year-old has a point.

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3 comments on “Running, Crawling, and Tiger the “Baby”
  1. Brooke mccollum says:

    The many adorable faces of Gracie! Love them all! Sweet Gage is the best lil guy and big bro!

  2. Rhonda Gentle Posey says:

    Your family life is so full of blessings. I am blessed to read your post .Two beautiful children that gives their love so freely. Love & Prayers!

  3. cbradford21 says:

    awesome gracie and gage!!! Grammie is proud of you both!!

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