We Can Hear!

We have had a busy couple of weeks, but one fantastic thing that happened is we learned Gracie can hear just fine!

We are always in Gracie's face saying "babababa, dadadada, mamamama," even big brother! Gracie hasn't been talking, but you can see her staring at Gage's mouth, wondering, "how do I do that?"

We are always in Gracie’s face saying “babababa, dadadada, mamamama,” even big brother! Gracie hasn’t been talking, but you can see her staring at Gage’s mouth, wondering, “how do I do that?”

We’ve been concerned about her hearing because she is not talking or babbling and she also won’t respond to us sometimes when we talk. Our therapists also noticed, so I decided to be proactive and not wait like the doctors told us, but go ahead and get some detailed and invasive testing. I’ve mentioned this before, but we really feel strongly about making sure Gracie has every opportunity possible to progress as quickly and as well as she can. Hearing, obviously, plays a huge part in development, so why would we wait and see? No thanks.

So I took Gracie to Children’s Hospital this week to get a non-sedated ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response). When we got there, the audiologist decided to try a less-invasive OAE test (Otoacoustic emissions), even though she was not encouraging that she would pass due to Gracie already having tubes. Well, she passed the OAE with flying colors so she didn’t even need to have the ABR. We did another behavioral hearing test for an extended time and she did better at that as well. So, PRAISE THE LORD.

Of course as soon as we have the appointment, Gracie starts doing this:

We would have been fine getting her some baby hearing aids, or whatever she needed, but how awesome is it that we don’t have to worry about that?

Heart? check

Vision? check

Hearing? CHECK!

Gracie couldn’t care less, but this is a very exciting day for us!

photo 10

Since my last post, we have had Halloween and Gage’s 4th birthday party!

photo 2(10)

Gracie was a little lady bug and Gage was an Auburn football player (surprise surprise). It was cold and rainy, but still lots of fun!

photo 1(10)

photo 3(6)

We rented a jump house for Gage’s birthday to put in our backyard. I highly recommend this for parties! The kids had a blast and it was really easy.

photo 4(7)

photo 5(4)

Gracie was not impressed.

photo 2(12

Just kidding, she loved it.

photo 1(103

We also had Gracie’s first visit to church. She loved sitting with us – well, actually she loved sitting with her daddy since he hogged her the whole time.


And finally….Gracie is making some progress in getting on all fours! Her arms aren’t part of the crawling party yet, but it is definitely some beautiful progress! Go Gracie Go!

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4 comments on “We Can Hear!
  1. Brooke McCollum says:

    The video wouldn’t play for me initially, but it does here yay! That’s all Jude says besides dada. They could have a chat !

  2. Loved the videos! Thanks for posting. Go Gracie Go 😊

  3. Jackie Culpepper says:

    So exciting! ALL OF IT!! Gracie is such a beautiful baby girl-her hair has grown so much! Sitting so sweet and pretty on her first church day! And please tell Gabe that Micah’s Mima sure did think he looked cool on Halloween and he might think about wearing his uniform often!

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