October = Busy

I didn’t do too well on blogging during Down syndrome awareness month, did I?

Oh well. Life was a little crazy this month.

We have been to a few football games, introduced Gracie and the Bell Center to my coworkers, and celebrated Gage’s 4th birthday! We’ve also had eye exams, ENT appointments, tons of therapy, and daddy was out of town a lot. Let’s get to it!

We got season tickets this year to Auburn football, and it has been so fun for Les and me to spend time with Gage! My parents keep Gracie on game days, so it’s nice to have one-on-one time with big brother. He LOVES Auburn! IMG_6902




Les and Gage went to a game by themselves one weekend and got to fly in a plane! Gage had a blast!


I am already looking forward to the years ahead when we can take Gracie!

I have shared before how amazing my work and my boss have been regarding Gracie. This month was a prime example of that. Each year, my company allows employees to have one day to do service work with your district (my district includes my coworkers from around the state), wherever they choose. My team decided they wanted to do their day of service at The Bell Center, where Gracie receives therapy twice a week!


We painted a kitchen, scrubbed the playground down and did a lot of pressure washing. Gracie had therapy that day, so she was able to meet my awesome coworkers. It meant so much to me and my family to do our day of service here.

Gracie had an eye exam and more follow-up with her ENT and audiologist. The eye exam went great! He said to come back in a couple of years! That timeline is such a relief. It’s so nice to check things off our list that we do NOT need to be concerned with!

She loves looking at herself in the mirror! It helps with her learning how to sit. Good to know she can see herself clearly!

She loves looking at herself in the mirror! It helps with her learning how to sit. Good to know she can see herself clearly!

ENT is a different story. We are getting some conflicting information. Gracie’s ear canals are super small, which is common in children with Down syndrome. When we go to the audiologist to get her hearing checked, the results aren’t great, but then our ENT feels like everything is OK and she is fine. We are currently getting some advice if we should get second opinions. We just want to make sure that Gracie is hearing as well as she possibly can. Gracie rarely talks, which may be fine and she may be slower developmentally in that area, but I don’t want it to be for lack of hearing. She also doesn’t respond well to things, so that is why I am pushing to be more proactive and not accepting information unless I know it’s 100% accurate.

Can you even handle this smile?

Can you even handle this smile?

Gracie is getting much better at propping herself up for several minutes. We are now trying to encourage her to crawl and sit independently. IMG_6930

Gage turned 4 last week. I can’t believe it. He is such a joy to parent. He is kind, compassionate, funny, smart, and adores his baby sister. He asked me last week, “Mama, let Gracie lay on my chest like she does you and daddy.” Here is the result:

All she wants to do is stare at him!

All she wants to do is stare at him!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! We are having a party for him this weekend, but he had a cupcake party at school last week!IMG_4198

And finally, since Gage is so obsessed with Auburn and is even going as an Auburn football player for Halloween, I leave you with his amazing rendition of the Auburn fight song. My favorite parts are “give ’em peck” and “power of pixieland.”


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6 comments on “October = Busy
  1. Maggie says:

    I love hearing about your darling family. ๐Ÿ™‚ Go, Gracie, go!!

  2. jackie says:

    Jamie, this new blog entry is jammed with fall fun in your family! I LOVE that y’all are Auburn fans and Gage singing the fight song is precious ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Birthday to him! Gracie is adorable and following her development is such a privilege-thank you for sharing. Happy Fall and War Eagle!

  3. Love all of these sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing them ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ginger says:

    So precious!!! The pictures are priceless!!

    • Great Great Uncle Jon, along with Paw Paw Jude and Great Great Uncle Ken, the best looking of the Swints! LOL Gracie is so sweet! says:

      So I guess LSU or Ole Miss are out of the question? No surprise, everyone else in the family went to Auburn but me! Hotty Toddy! Geaux Tigers!

  5. Cathy Gipson says:

    Gracie is adorable and we join you in praising Him who made her for her remarkable progress!! Gage is absolutely precious!! We are Bama fans but his rendition of Auburn’s fight song is the best I’ve ever heard!!

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