Check, Check, Check!

Gracie’s surgery for tubes went great!

photo 1(10)

Initially, they had told me we may have to stay a while for observation or even spend the night, depending on how Gracie did, but our doctor said it went great and by 10 am, we were back home!

Before surgery. Gracie was not impressed that food wasn't coming out of those fingers!

Before surgery. Gracie was not impressed that food wasn’t coming out of those fingers!

They did give Gracie a shot to speed up her heart rate before they put her under. They told me they were concerned that because she has Down syndrome, her heart rate may drop a good amount when she was under anesthesia, so they did this as a precaution. Gracie didn’t even cry from the shot! She’s such a rock star!

Blood pressure cuff, IV, a shot...doesn't bother her!

Blood pressure cuff, IV, a shot…doesn’t bother her!

I got to share with a couple of people at the hospital about Gracie and how we knew about the Down syndrome diagnosis prenatally and why we chose life. It’s amazing to see the opportunities God has given us with our Gracie’s life to share with others that all life is so precious.

Next up is an eye exam. This is routine for Gracie to go ahead and have an eye exam at her young age. I’m so glad we have a great pediatrician and team of doctors – I would have no idea what we needed to do and when to do it! We will have that appointment and a follow-up appointment for her tubes next month. My organized self loves checking these off my list!

We had a little play date before therapy today with our friend, Wren. The girls don’t know it yet, but they will be besties one day!

photo 5(4)

Gracie did great in therapy today. One of her goals is to bang toys on a hard surface. I told her therapist she wasn’t doing that yet, and as soon as she put Gracie in the seat, she started doing it. Of course! Gracie also did a little light reading today.


We got a new chair for Gracie to help her sit independently. The jury is still out on how we like it, so I’ll report back in case any other mommies reading this are interested.

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6 comments on “Check, Check, Check!
  1. Mary says:

    Praise God!, glad all went well!

  2. Guadalupe says:

    Thank God everything is fine . My boy it’s 2months old with DS and he didn’t pass the 3rd hearing test ..I’m so worry !! ENT doctor will make a ABR Test next month .

  3. Brooke McCollum says:

    Cutest pics ever!

  4. Cathy Gipson says:

    Praising Gracie’s Creator for His faithfulness!! You amaze me at how gracefully (no pun intended) you handle each step of her life. She is absolutely beautiful and I love the picture with her friend, Wren. Thanks for sharing this journey…

  5. Maggie says:

    Go, Gracie, go!! Let me know how that chair works… I’ve never seen anything like it!

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