Tubes, Therapy, and Football!

No doctor appointments for Gracie since our last blog post – that’s a record!

photo 5(4)

We did get the results from her blood work back last week. Our pediatrician was checking her thyroid and had a CBC (complete blood test) run. This is routine blood work for Gracie at her age. A child born with Down syndrome is at a higher risk to develop leukemia than a typical child, so the CBC checks for that, as well as other things. Thyroid problems can also be more common.

Her blood work was….NORMAL! We are very excited with these results and are so grateful Gracie has such beautiful health now that her heart is fixed!

Tomorrow (at 5:45 am), we go to the hospital for Gracie to get tubes for her ears. This is more of a preventative operation. Gracie has not had any ear infections (Gage had already had several by this age!), but she does have some fluid in her ears, and we need to make sure she is hearing everything that is going on around her as well as possible. Please say a prayer that this procedure goes as seamlessly as Gage’s did, and we can be in and out in no time!

PicMonkey Collage

Les, Gage, and I went to the first Auburn game of the season the other weekend. It was the first time Gage had ever been to Auburn! It rained hard on us while we were waiting for Tiger Walk, and it was blistering hot during the game, but we still had a blast! Gage was pretty tired by the time we made it back home! I can’t wait for us to go to the next few games!

photo 1(10)

photo 2(10)


Gage is asking me for a helmet and gloves so he can go on the field and show Gus Malzahn (or as Gage calls him, “Gus Bus” because Gage is definitely on the Gus bus!) how fast he can run. Maybe one day, buddy!

photo 3(6)

Gracie is rocking therapy these days. I feel so silly and unfaithful sometimes. I will have moments where I will be upset, seeing how hard she has to work to do things and wondering if she will ever get something, and then she does. It’s all in her time…in God’s perfect time.

We go the The Bell Center twice a week and Gracie is about to get a lot of her goals updated! We are so grateful for this place! I learn so many things each week and Gracie works so hard! As soon as we are done, we go out to the car and this is what happens:

photo 8(7)

Exhausted after working hard!

We also still have a wonderful therapist come to our house about twice a month. One of the things I know very well now is EVERYTHING can be therapy!!

Sitting in a highchair to eat? That helps work her core strength to sit up and hold steady!


Playing in our exersaucer? It’s not just a toy to stick her in so I can wash dishes or take a shower! It helps her learn how to push off with her arms and actively play with toys. It also encourages her to push a little with her legs. Gracie tried this out for the first time this week. She still isn’t comfortable bringing her arms up and moving around, but I think she likes it OK, don’t you?

photo 8(6)

We are really working on Gracie using her arms to hold herself a little more, whether that’s while she’s on her tummy, or maybe to help her “tripod” sit. Guess what? Tonight, we had our first tripod sit! It was just a few seconds, but we are celebrating! Go Gracie Go!

photo 9(4)

Thank you for your prayers about tubes tomorrow. I know it seems small compared to open heart surgery, but no parent is a fan of handing off their baby for any procedure!

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4 comments on “Tubes, Therapy, and Football!
  1. Ashleigh knight says:

    I loved all the beautiful pictures of Gracie and your family. Your posts are always an encouragement to me. I am praying for Gracie’s procedure this morning. Love to all the Bradfords.

  2. Rhonda Posey says:

    Prayers for your sweet family!

  3. Jackie Culpepper says:

    Jamie, I am looking forward to meeting Gracie “in person”! I L.O.V.E. all your photos, with my fave being the first one here with the rosette headband on that beautiful baby girl. I also enjoy reading about her therapy, as I was an Infant Stimulation Educator (or that’s what we called it then) and it reminds me of all the babies we served who are now young adults. Tell Les and the children hello from me. Love to y’all. p.s. Tell Gage that baby sister looks just like him 🙂

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