6-Month Checkup

We had Gracie’s 6-month check up with our amazing pediatrician yesterday. Little lady is up to 12.3 pounds (that means she has gained 1 pound in a month), and has grown in length. She is still not on the chart for her weight, but trending that way! She is long, so she must take after her daddy!


We will start her on some baby food this weekend and see how she does. The help we get from her therapists will really come in handy with eating, since sometimes babies with down syndrome can have a harder time figuring out how to eat!

We will have a follow up with cardio and the ENT in two weeks, and I have to make an appointment for Gracie to have an eye exam (all routine). Like I said in the last post, here’s hoping for BORING appointments!

Gage is loving his weekend so far. He got to go with Les to get some work done on his car and while they were waiting, got his first Krispy Kreme!



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