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Sweet Community and Lots of Appointments

We have had a busy and fun couple of days! First, I am so excited to see that my most recent post, “Dear Richard Dawkins,” has had over 11,000 different people view it so far! That’s amazing because however you

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Dear Richard Dawkins

I recently read your Twitter rant about your support of aborting babies with Down syndrome. It started with someone asking your opinion on the matter and you answered her, but then you continued. As I read your statements, I’ll go so

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6-Month Checkup

We had Gracie’s 6-month check up with our amazing pediatrician yesterday. Little lady is up to 12.3 pounds (that means she has gained 1 pound in a month), and has grown in length. She is still not on the chart

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Working On Our Muscles

Our life is…normal! Gracie has recovered from surgery so much faster than I thought was possible! We haven’t had a doctor appointment in 3 weeks! Amazing! We go to the pediatrician for her 6 month check up this week, so

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