3 Weeks Post-Op

We took Gracie to the cardiologist today and ALL of the fluid around her heart is gone! We get to wean her off the Lasix this week and then she will be done with any sort of medication!

photo 1(8)

The cardiologist was very happy with how the repair looked on the echo. He said everything looked great and after our next follow up, we will probably go to yearly check ups!

Did you catch that? YEARLY.

We have been going to the cardiologist since I was in the middle of my pregnancy every few weeks, and we will get a great break soon! Don’t get me wrong, we really love Gracie’s cardiologist and are so grateful we have him on our team, but it will be nice to visit less frequently!

Gracie’s surgeon also came by the room and took a look at the part of her incision that has looked a little funny. He took part of an internal stitch out and thinks that should take care of it.

When I think about the amazing care Gracie is receiving – with therapy from the state and The Bell Center, with her fantastic pediatrician, and with her cardiologist and surgeon at UAB and Children’s Hospital, it is really very overwhelming. We are committed to giving Gracie every opportunity we can for her to grow and develop, and this team of people is making that very tangible and easy. I don’t think I could thank them enough. I thank God that He placed these people in our lives. We are so fortunate.

Look at this cute video below. She has so much she wants to say! A friend pointed out to me that it sounds like she is saying “I do!” after I tell her she has my hair!

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10 comments on “3 Weeks Post-Op
  1. Angel Hodge-May says:

    Praise God for being the Devine healer on that sweet baby. She is truly a blessing and just precious.

  2. Kent Slemmons says:

    Fantastic news!

  3. Brooke mccollum says:

    She is too cute!

  4. Parys says:

    Praise God! Great News!

  5. Barbara mitchell says:

    Thanking The Lord for his healing hands. So happy to hear this great news.

  6. Rhonda Posey! says:

    She did say I do……B
    lessings are all around ya’ll. Love & Prayers!

  7. Ashleigh knight says:

    It’s great to hear and see how well Gracie is doing, praise God! Thank you for keeping us posted 🙂

  8. Jon Swint says:

    PTL she is doing so well! She is a cutie for sure!

  9. Cathy Gipson says:

    She is adorable!! I hope she can meet our little Molly (born 3/19) soon!!

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