Two Weeks Post-Op

We are two weeks out from Gracie’s open-heart surgery! It is such a relief to have that behind us. I don’t think I realized what a weight it was on me until it was gone!

Two weeks ago this little lady was hooked up to a ventilator!

Two weeks ago this little lady was hooked up to a ventilator!

When we left the hospital, they were concerned about the fluid around her heart. If it did not go away with the help of lasix, there was the possibility we would have to be admitted to the hospital again and have it taken care of there. We came home on Tuesday and went to the cardiologist the following Friday. The fluid had decreased! We returned to the cardiologist the next Monday, and the fluid was almost gone! We mentioned this in the last post, so thank you to all of you that prayed specifically for this!

We had to take a picture after we got the great news from the cardiologist! So grateful!

We had to take a picture after we got the great news from the cardiologist! So grateful!

I’ve taken these last two weeks off work so I can be home with Gracie and make sure she is 100% by the time I go back next week.

She loves her daddy!

She loves her daddy!

She loves Gage too. He's pretty fond of her as well.

She loves Gage too. He’s pretty fond of her as well.

It’s amazing to see what a great big brother Gage is to Gracie. He is the biggest, best, most perfect, loving, selfless, caring, amazingly funny, and smart 3-year-old brother. Gracie bug is a lucky lady to have this one by her side.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

One thing I learned recently is people with Down syndrome can have “brushfield spots” in their eyes. I think it looks like fireworks in Gracie’s eyes…or a little extra sparkle God gave her…a finishing touch in His perfect creation. I think her eyes are so beautiful.

photo 2(10)

Thank you so much for praying for us these last few weeks. We are going to go see her surgeon tomorrow to have him look at her incision. It’s been looking a little funny the last few days, so please pray it won’t be anything serious. The great thing about our hospital is I was able to call the ICU and speak with a nurse practitioner and text them a picture of what I was worried about. They showed it to our surgeon and we are just going to stop by and let him take a look. We were supposed to go today, but he had a case run long.

Our life is definitely getting very NORMAL.

Well, except for the fact that a 6’2″ worm got a hold of Gage. Don’t worry, though. He’s OK. 🙂

photo 1(9)



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5 comments on “Two Weeks Post-Op
  1. Cathy Gipson says:

    Love hearing these praise reports on your beautiful baby girl! Prayers going up concerning the incision. We will pray for your return to work as well. Much love to all!!

  2. Cathy Clayton says:

    the folks at Helena UMC are praying for Gracie, please keep me posted when there is something specific we need to pray for. See is precious, love those blue eyes

  3. Rhonda Posey says:

    Love your post…hope you will do more some times. I love hearing about your family. Love & Prayers!

  4. Maggie says:

    Looks like you guys are having fun being home together!!

  5. Melissa Kiel says:

    We are so thankful the surgery and recovery are in the past. We will be praying for the incision. It is so great to see her beautiful, happy smile. So glad things are well!! God is so Good!!!

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