Thoughts On The Night Before Surgery

(This is Les. I hijacked the controls of our blog, which Jamie has been doing a wonderful job with. Just wanted to share some thoughts that I’ve been reminded of as we’ve journeyed to this point.)

First of all . . . Thank you for the many prayers, calls, texts, and encouragement. It’s truly been a blessing to us. It’s been a great boost today and in the past few weeks. We’ve never really been in this “life position”, but have truly experienced what it’s like to be ministered to by so many of you. We have a peace about this and we know it comes from your prayers.

So, here we sit. Hours before a moment that will forever be a life-changing (and life-giving) part of our story. A moment that we’ve feared at times, a moment that we’ve chosen not to think about at times, a moment that we’ve known about since Gracie was about 20 weeks in the womb, a moment we’ve wept over, a moment that’s challenged our faith, and a moment that has finally arrived. A moment that has been terribly slow in getting here, but got here too fast at the same time. A moment that at this very moment I’m peaceful about but I wish would go away because I just don’t want my baby girl to hurt.

As parents, the thought of open heart surgery is overwhelming, but we have hope . . . this is a moment that God, in his Sovereign plan for our family, has known about since the beginning of time. He knew about it before we had kids. He knew about it before we married. He knew about it and he purposed it for us and for our sweet little Gracie. This moment does have a purpose. We believe that. We believe God draws people to himself through these moments. As hard as it is to see Gracie endure this, we know God will be glorified and we pray for that tonight and in the days to come. We know he is with us and we know he loves us (Romans 5:8). We know his peace surpasses any troubles we face (John 16:33). We know he is on the throne (Psalm 103:19) and in complete control. We will all face troubles in this life, but we know he will come again and all sickness, death, pain, mourning, and crying will be no more (Revelation 21:4). For that, we have hope.

Thank you again. We’ll get a post up as soon as we can with surgery updates.

Our little rock star.

Our little rock star. Surgery begins at 9AM cst.


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4 comments on “Thoughts On The Night Before Surgery
  1. Eva Atchley Ikard says:

    Les and Jamie I know this is really hard on ya’ll. Gracie has done really good. God will comfort you and his will be done. Even tho I have never seen her she is close to my heart. I will be praying for all of you. LOVE TO ALL.

  2. Mary says:

    Prayers for all of you.

  3. Mera says:

    We pray for strength and courage for you guys and sweet Gracie. Thank you for continuing to be an amazing example of God’s love and for reminding us all how important it is to allow Him to be in control, even when we don’t fully understand or see His whole plan.

  4. Rhonda Posey says:

    Our love and prayers for all of you. Praying little Gracie has a peacenight.

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