Back to Work and Golf Swings

This maternity leave with Gracie has been amazing. Besides doctors appointments, therapy, and a quick trip to the beach, we’ve stayed at home.


We’ve missed going to several parties, eating out at restaurants, and other things, but we have needed to keep Gracie a little quarantined so she has less of a chance of being exposed to something and getting sick before open heart surgery (OHS).

Speaking of heart surgery, we got to take a tour of the new cardio unit at Children’s where Gracie will have surgery. It is so nice. I was really excited to learn that when she is in ICU for a day or so, she’ll still be in a private room, so we will get to stay with her! We got to see the rooms and meet a really nice nurse practitioner. It made us feel so much better. It was very evident how fortunate we are to live in Birmingham and have all of these medical resources!

It still makes us panicky when we think about OHS, so for right now we are choosing to live in the moment with our awesome family and trust God through it all.


I started back to work today. Very sad to leave Gracie, but luckily, she is going to be staying with her Nana during the day, so that makes it a little less unsettling!

I’ll also be returning to work as a part-time employee. I am very lucky to have a boss that has been extremely supportive and kind during this journey and has supported the opportunity for me to work part-time so I can have days for therapy and doctor appointments for Gracie. This is such a blessing. I really can’t thank him enough.
So grateful I'll be able to continue being the one to talk her to therapy!

So grateful I’ll be able to continue being the one to take her to therapy!

Gracie is still gaining weight and at our last cardio appointment, he was excited that she has not worsened at all. You could make a case to wait until she’s a little older for OHS, but based on his opinion and the opinion of a surgeon he spoke with about Gracie, there really isn’t any benefit. If anything, she will develop better (faster weight gain, strength, etc.) after surgery so at this moment, he is still encouraging a June/July date. Les and I feel very confident in our doctors and their opinions and praise God for the peace we have considering the circumstances.

I’ve been telling Gage that when we talk and interact with Gracie, it helps her learn how to talk and interact with us, so now Gage likes to tell Gracie about his day and what we are eating for dinner, etc. He is also trying to teach her the Spanish he is learning at school. Slightly advanced for her age, but it’s the cutest thing. πŸ™‚

Gage is also becoming a little golfer! His daddy got him his first set of real golf clubs and they have been spending time at the driving range and even went and played a round of golf last weekend. If you happen to see him around, I’m sure he will ask you, “Hey! You want to see my swing?!” He’s very proud. πŸ™‚



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3 comments on “Back to Work and Golf Swings
  1. YOYO says:

    Love you guys! Im so happy Gracie is doing so well ..Susan and the infant class send their love ! Give big brother Gager a big hug and kiss for us ! πŸ˜‰

  2. RhondaPosey says:

    I know it must be hard to leave her. Happy she’s with her Nana. Everything really sounds great about the Hospital. Gage is so sweet and God has blessed him to understand and help Gracie. She is so pretty and blessed to have all of you. Love & Prayers!

  3. Mary says:

    You are in my prayers.

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