9 Weeks and A Lot of Joy

Our baby Gracie is already 9 weeks old. Wow, that was fast.

It has been great 9 weeks. Aside from all the doctors visits and the unknown before us, we are so blessed to have Gracie be a part of our family. She’s such a joy.

We’ve got her on some heavy duty formula bottles right now to see if we can pack on the pounds, and it seems to be working! Almost a pound in 2 weeks! We have tried several things to get the weight on her, so this is a big answered prayer as we near surgery in a few months. We need this little “Gracie-bug” (as we like to call her) to weigh around 10 lbs heading into June/July.

Our next cardiologist visit (we go every 3 weeks right now) is this coming Tuesday. On her last visit, the cardiologist started her on a low dose of lasix to help get some fluid out from around her heart so she can breathe easier and drink her bottles without so much effort. She’ll most likely stay on it for a while post-surgery as well. At our last visit, we did not see any worsening in her heart at this point and are still looking at June/July as a date for open-heart surgery. We know those days will be tough, but we’ll take it one day at a time – today, tomorrow, and when that day comes.

Gracie is making eye contact now, which is so much fun. No smiles yet, but she’s definitely on the verge!

One of the most exciting things that has happened since our last update is therapy!

Through the state of Alabama, Gracie will get free early intervention with therapists that come to the house. Awesome! She’s had her first session, and it’s great to have someone in your house that can show you things to use to help do therapy when they aren’t there!

We have also chosen to utilize the Bell Center. If you don’t know much about the Bell Center, I encourage you to check it out HERE. We heard so much about the Bell Center before we had Gracie, and now I know why.


Getting a pep talk from mommy before our first therapy session!

Getting a pep talk from mommy before our first therapy session!

Gracie has therapy twice a week, for roughly an hour. They cover everything – speech therapy, physical therapy, nutrition, and much more. It is worth every cent and I am so grateful we have such an amazing resource in the Bell Center. At our first evaluation, it was so evident that these precious workers love their job and are going to love our baby. You can’t ask for much more.


I love learning from these amazing people so I can do all these things at home as well!

Each year the Bell Center has a huge run for their sweet babies around the Mercedes Marathon weekend, so get ready! We’ll have Gracie shirts and a big party and will surely have a team running for her.

We just returned from a vacation at the beach to celebrate our anniversary #8 and some good times with our family of four. We needed some time to take some deep breaths and enjoy each other. It was a great time!







Until next time, thanks for your love and prayers.

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4 comments on “9 Weeks and A Lot of Joy
  1. Maggie says:

    I keep meaning to email you back! Life is crazy these days. I am so glad to see that Gracie is doing well. 🙂

  2. Cindy jones says:

    I love reading your blog. Thanks for the updates. It looks as if Gracie has a wonderful TEAM working with her. And that includes MOM and DAD and big brother. Still praying for you all.

  3. Rhonda Gentle Posey says:

    She is just a doll. Glad she’s gaining weight. Happy ya’ll had a good vac. Love & Prayers!

  4. Steve says:

    beautiful child with a beautiful family, thanks for sharing this part of your journey with us bro…

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