Gain Gracie Gain!

We’ve had a couple of doctor visits and a few new things in the last week. One thing is for sure, Gracie has a great team of doctors. Even though we’re in a doctor’s office every week, and sometimes more than once week, we’re very thankful for the medical resources in Birmingham.

We had ENT and Audiology appointments last week. Gracie failed the hearing test at the hospital 3 times, so we had to go get another one to see what was going on. The audiologist prefaced the test by telling us how many people with down syndrome have hearing loss, but Gracie ended up passing the test in both ears. Praise the Lord! She’s got some tiny ear canals, so at our ENT appointment that was next, he mentioned she would probably need tubes because she would be more prone to ear infections. He also told us when she is 3 or 4, she might have to have her tonsils and adenoids out because children with down syndrome can sometimes struggle with sleep apnea. It was encouraging to know that this is a “might” for Gracie and also several years down the road. We will go back in 6 months and talk about tubes.

These doctor visits take too long!

These doctor visits take too long!

 We saw our pediatrician on Tuesday and unfortunately, Gracie has not gained ANY weight in two weeks. That’s such a bummer for me. And her! I thought she was doing fantastic with nursing – and she actually is, but with her heart, she is probably burning more calories nursing than she is consuming, so it’s not a win-win. We are trying some other things so we can measure how much she is getting, and it is not going well for me (Jamie) yet.

This is a big prayer request — please pray that Gracie packs on the ounces! This little peanut has to gain weight to have the surgery in June or July, which is the optimal time. That’s a lot of pressure, but I am grateful that God is in control over all of this. I can just do what I can do and leave the rest to Him.

Family of 4!

Family of 4!

Big Brother Gage

Gage is such a sweetie to his Gracie. I was holding her the other day and he came over and rubbed her head and said, “Hello, sweet darling.” Of course I immediately cried. The sensitivity and love of our precious Gage overwhelms me sometimes. It’s obvious that he is the perfect big brother to Gracie. I can’t wait to see what God does in his life to have an impact.

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9 comments on “Gain Gracie Gain!
  1. Pat Slusher says:

    Jamie and Les, your life is touching so many hearts. Thank you for letting us all be apart of Gracie through your blog. Praying today for Gracie to gain weight. She is beautiful and Gage is such a sweet big brother!

  2. Caroline Blair says:

    So sweet! Gage is going to be such a great big brother. Will be praying!

  3. Carolyn Gentle says:

    That sweet Gage singing Jesus to Gracie!!Moved me to tears.Praying for all of your needs as well as Gracies!

  4. mimi reker says:

    Gracie is in God’s loving hands. He will take good care of her.God bless your family and know He is walking beside you and holding your hands.I will continue to pray for all of you

  5. Mary Jo Musso Lorino says:

    May the Mother of God wrap her arms around Gracie and her family and bring peace and comfort!

  6. rhonda posey says:

    I just feel the love of God when I read your post, holding all of you up. Prayers for Gracie to gain weight. Sweet Gage, the Lord has touched him with a love that Gracie will feel eveyday. Love & Prayers for all of your sweet family!

  7. Ashleigh knight says:

    I continue to pray for sweet Gracie, you and your family. It is awesome to hear how you are walking through this with faithfully with God!

  8. Cathy Gipson says:

    I really enjoy keeping up with your sweet family. We are praying specifically for Gracie to gain weight and for the measuring issues to be easier for you. We pray daily for your family. This video of Gage singing to her is priceless! Love to all and look forward to hearing good news!!!

    • Nikki Browning says:

      So precious both of them. We are praying everyday for you all.We as a family have two amazing guarding angels watching over us!!! And the all mighty power of the Lord.I cant wait to meet your newest sweet little doll! We love you all and are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Nikki and the boys

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