The Day We Met Gracie

We’ve been staring and loving on our Gracie for a little over a week. She is so sweet. She’s a snuggle bug. She loves to sleep and eat. Eat some more, and sleep some more. And her big brother adores her to death.

There are so many ways we saw God’s hand in Gracie’s birth — times at the hospital, and so far at home.

We arrived at the hospital Wednesday (2/12) morning with Gage! We got our last family picture of the three of us and got to hang out in the triage room with him and some family until it was time for the c-section to start.


Our family is about to grow!


Gage was in heaven! Family visiting, a PB&J, and his favorite Curious George book to read!

I (Jamie) was so nervous. In a matter of seconds, I was going to have three things happen that have caused such anxiety in me for months — have a c-section, grow to a family of four, and finally, put a face to “Gracie.”

It was amazing to see how God calmed my fears in the room. He put me with the most hilarious O.R. staff that told me jokes and talked about the snow that was coming that afternoon that would cause them all to spend the night at the hospital. As soon as my doctor popped her head in while I was getting prepped, I felt so much better.

When Les was outside waiting to come in, the nurse who would be taking care of Gracie as soon as she came, in the O.R. and possibly in the NICU if needed, talked to Les and told him she had a sister who has down syndrome. That is no coincidence. How amazing is that?

Back In The O.R. . . .

Knowing that Gracie had a heart defect, I had a few things running through my mind. One, she may not cry because she may not have the stamina to cry. Two, she may have problems eating for the same reason. I felt like that was going to be a reality for us. Not so much. As soon as Gracie appeared we got to hear her screaming her head off and a few minutes later, we heard her smacking her little lips ready to eat! It would have been ok whatever happened, but we are so thankful to God for her cries and her amazing appetite!

They had also prepared me that she might have to go to the NICU soon, but about 10 minutes after she was born, the sweet nurse taking care of her said she was doing so amazing and she was coming with us! This was the same nurse with the sister who has down sydrome so she was able to speak from a unique place when she said “Gracie is really amazing. She’s doing great.”


Sweetest sound we heard!


Finally getting to put a face to “Gracie”


Love at first sight!


So grateful for my amazing doctor!

The next few hours . . .

Were a bit of blur. I just remember looking at her and not being afraid of her like I thought I would be. I know that sounds horrible or silly, but for so long, there has been so much unknown — and there still is, but the minute I held that baby, she was mine. The minute I saw Les hold her and love on her and Gage meet her, I knew it was all perfect. She was perfect and she fit in our family like no other. Thank you to all my friends who prayed specifically that I would immediately be overcome with these feelings, instead of more fear of the unknown.


Proud big brother!

How amazing that when everyone had left and it was just me, Les, and Gracie, that a beautiful snow came and gave us a few hours to just relax and breathe her in!


The next few days . . .

Brought some moments of uncertainty, but God blessed Gracie with a little feisty spirit that proved everyone wrong. She battled regulating her body temperature…then that resolved itself. She battled getting too red when she cried (which we found out was due to a high red blood cell count), that brought us to a 4-hour test in the NICU…which turned into a 2-hour test because they said she didn’t need to be there! Our lactation lady said she was her blue ribbon baby for being the best eater on the floor, and at our follow up appointment with a pediatrician on Sunday, she had gained 2 oz in 24 hours, which the pediatrician did not know how to explain. She didn’t even lose the expected amount of weight while in the hospital! What a blessing!


We got the green light to come home!

We had one nurse in particular, Cherie, that was amazing. She was very detailed and extremely dialed in to Gracie’s every need, which was perfect for us, and through the days we learned she was a believer and we got to share a little of our journey. She lovingly prayed over us before we left. I’m so grateful for all the staff at St. Vincent’s. Everyone was so amazing and loved our baby girl so well.


Ten days later . . .

We now wait for our follow up appointment with the pediatrician next week (2/26), and then the cardio doctor the following week (3/4). Please pray with us as we ask for wisdom for the doctors as they care for Gracie and wisdom for us as we navigate our new normal!


Big brother Gage reading to baby Gracie. How normal is that?

Finally (if you are still reading), let me give a shout out to my husband. Wow. That man bent over backwards in the hospital to help and take care of things. Since we’ve been home, he’s done all the laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. You name it, he’s done it, and let me just rest and recover. I am so grateful for his servant heart. He has spent time loving on Gage when I can’t get on the floor and play with him or pick him up and he has been so supportive of me. Such a blessing. Thank you God for such a wonderful man.


Best husband ever!

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8 comments on “The Day We Met Gracie
  1. Debbie Atchley says:

    Beautifully written. Thankful you are all doing so well. Sweet Gracie is really enjoying her brother. Thankful to Les for taking such good care of you all.

    • Bo Whittenton says:

      I don’t know you and your sweet family, but Haley and Chad Morgan are precious to me. I’ve known Chad since he was little, and his mom is one of my dearest friends ever. That being said, I want you to know that you and your family have found a special place in my heart, and I am committed to praying for you all. Our Heavenly Father is amazing, and He is watching over you and your family every nano second. He will hold you in His hands and give you exactly what you need to meet every one of those seconds. Rest in Him and allow Him to carry you and continue to strengthen you. Blessings, Bo Whittenton (Scottsdale, AZ)

  2. Tamara Fee says:

    What a beautiful family……I have learned in my old age (wisdom) that God’s plans for us are far GRANDER than the plans we make for ourselves…we just have to believe, and most importantly have FAITH….and ya’ll have both……What a testimony you are for all of us.


    What a beautiful blog. You are a special family and I love you very much. May God continue to bless your family during the coming days.

  4. Maggie says:

    She is so beautiful. Congratulations! Our family praying for good news when she sees the cardiologist next week. Your journey has really begun now!!

  5. Naomi Gillespie says:

    What a wonderful blessing reading about your journey, what an AMAZING GOD WE SERVE Love you guys, praying daily for all of you for all your needs to be met, God Bless!!

  6. Ashleigh knight says:

    Wow. Thanks so much for posting. Your family is such an encouragement to me. Maybe sometime I will be able to reqd a post without crying!! Loved all the pictures too – Gracie is gorgeous 🙂

  7. Susie Stewart says:

    Hey Jamie: My name is Susie Stewart and when you were younger, your family lived down the street from us on Ashington Drive. I am a friend of Debbie Copper and she told me about Gracie. Please know that I am adding you and your precious family to our prayer list at our Devoted Daughters Bible Study. We will be praying for Gracie and God’s provision for her. We know that God has an amazing plan for Gracie and her big brother Gage. You have two beautiful precious children. Blessings to you.

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